Come with us: these are our favourite designers in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires offers one of the most innovative and sophisticated proposals when talking about design, creative minds and their astonishing work. No wonder Buenos Aires has been declared City of Design by UNESCO.

This city gathers amazing talent, vibrant creativity, groundbreaking innovation and a fresh outlook on design.

Here are our favourite design shops, which we would love you to visit on your next trip to Buenos Aires.

Aracano: Exclusive jewelry inspired by The Andes.

Federico de Alzaga is the creator behind the brand, his aim is to evoke the magic of ancient Andean culture in each piece: exclusive rings, bracelets and necklaces. Each piece is hand-made, with the imprint of the unique, keeping alive the distinct tradition of noble metals forge. You will fall in love with each one of his creations.

Aracano has no store. You can buy online (www. or we can arrange a private visit to Federico’s atelier by appointment.


Comme Il Faut: The Brand that changed women dance shoes for tango.

Alicia Muñiz, the owner and founder of Comme Il Faut, who has been dancing tango most of her life, opened her shop she changed forever the market of high level female tango shoes. You will feel fascinated with each elegant and exquisite design, its unique colours and excellent quality. Her shoes are sought after all over the world by tango lovers. The shop is located in the lovely and hidden passage Rue des Artisans in Buenos Aires, 1239 Arenales St., Apartment 3 (Recoleta).


Manto: In Quechua, ‘from the sky, from above’.

If you want to take with you a unique coat or sweater with the seal of our land, Manto is the place.

Manto brings together the majestic Andean culture and their ancient hand woven techniques with an urban and contemporary touch. The result is the magical blend of two worlds in each exclusive piece. Its mission is to create harmonious coexistence between our incredible weavers from Northern Argentina and its ancient culture, and the inhabitants of big urban centres.

Manto was born from many trips that Clara De La Torre and Diana Dai Chee Chaug made to tiny towns in Northern Argentina. You can appreciate some of their creations at, or visit their store at 1154 Darwin St., 1st floor, Apt D (Palermo Hollywood).


Celedonio: Nature’s beauty reflected and materialized.

Celedonio is another designer we love for his talent and amazing jewels, each of them a distinct object of art. He welcomed us in his store on Libertador Avenue, and gently shared with us his story. Originally formed as an architect, Celedonio got in touch with jewellery making nearly by chance. Today, he designs one of a kind objects and jewellery inspired in nature. Born and raised in the country side, his imagination shows us a fantastic world where each work becomes a piece of art that combines the organic sense of nature with the colourful and shinny touches of Celedonio’s creativity. Enjoy some of his creations at and visit his amazing store at 1774 Libertador Ave. (Palermo Chico).

Ph: Cuika Foto

Panorama Store: Independent designers got together.

Located in Palermo Chico, Panorama is a must see colourful and yet minimal store that gathers the best of independent designers clothing, all carefully curated by the genius eye of Maria Lee, its creator. She describes herself as authentic, she has a keen eye to combine the best of Argentinian design and takes it a step further, creating in Buenos Aires a reference of design for the world, transforming Panorama not only in a store but also in a concept and an experience in itself. You can visit this amazing store at 2905 República de la India St. (Palermo Chico).


Facón Buenos Aires: Local culture gems in the heart of Palermo.

Facón carefully selects handmade pieces from all over Argentina: antique maps, spear heads, ponchos, mates, small production wines, lunfardo books, design lamps and one piece wooden stools, among many other pieces in a beautiful ‘casona’ of high ceilings in the middle of Palermo Soho. It´s a real gem that highlights the indigenous, the local and the authentic.

Martin Bustamante, the adventurous seeker behind Facon gathers all these treasures and the stories behind them. He travels to remote corners in Argentina to find that unique piece full of soul and history. He opened Facon as a way to give these hidden artisans a place to showcase their work and to put them together with new young local designers, all representing different aspects of our beloved Argentina. Visit Facon at 4880 Nicaragua St (Palermo Soho) or online at


Siesta Argentina: Hand made quality goods, for life

Our bonus track about design today is an interview with Barbara Ruffini, the young designer behind Siesta Argentina.

Siesta Argentina is an invitation to go back to how things were made many years ago, when they used to last forever. Every Siesta bag has a lifetime guarantee and its secret is noble materials and leather, strong buckles and they are totally handmade. The project started in 2016, thinking of Siesta (in English: “nap”) as a brand to talk about changeable rhythms and times.

Barbara Ruffini has a fresh and lively energy, and she is thoughtful and independent in her ways. Barbara is a passionate doer and traveller, and that’s her main source of inspiration. She welcomes us in her lovely home which is a clear reflection of Siesta’s concept, her aesthetics style, and the creative heart of Siesta.

Barbara works with women who dye the fabrics by hand for the bags, and with a family of poncho weavers from Catamarca in Northern Argentina, a mother and four sons who learnt the craft from her.

“For me, Siesta is much more than selling a beautiful long lasting bag, it is my small way to change this crazy world, it is my way to go back to the things that are important to me. And hopefully, if the message gets delivered, will change the minds of those who buy them. Siesta customers really get these ideas and share my philosophy. That is why they come back for more. We work really hard on a daily basis to try and share this vision from our tiny place.”

If Siesta were a scent it would be…the orange blossoms.

a texture… linen.

a flavour… coffee.

What are your strengths as a maker? The perseverance and the conviction that Siesta can be awesome.

“I hope that Siesta gets to a place where it can help other people. Then I will feel we are a successful company.”

A golden rule? to always value the work of your team, without them Siesta is nothing. And always trust that things happen for the best.

A creative mind you admire and why? Alexander Von Humboldt. I admire everything about him! his love for nature, his initiative, his way to go against everything he did not believe in, in an amazing way. He was so complete! He was a naturalist a geographer, and explorer.

You can find Siesta Argentina at Oldi Store 1902 Montevideo St., Recoleta or online at


We truly hope our selection helps with great options and makes you feel closer to the incredible design that Buenos Aires has to offer.