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Buenos Aires through Oriunda’s Eyes

We would truly like to invite you to share the unique, the chic, the genuine and the unforgettable experiences of our beloved Buenos Aires.

To live the real and authentic tango experience Oriunda takes you to the mythical known-by-few Milongas, the local tango clubs. Paula, our passionate tango host, will not only take you to the right spot, on the right day but she will also take you back in time, walking you into a movie to sense tango in its flesh. The unbeatable combination is to begin with a one-on-one class where Paula teaches you the moves and the particular codes of this dance to make you feel the excitement of being part of it.

When it comes down to culture Buenos Aires is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Oriunda provides unique access to private collections, acclaimed artists’ studios and the backstage of the most recognized Argentine art galleries. We promise you that a visit to local museums (Malba, Museo de Arte Moderno, Bellas Artes, Xul Solar, Fernandez Blanco) with any of our hand-picked specialists is a completely different experience and will probably leave any visitor speechless.

One of our favourite treats is a visit to the home and workshop of two delightful, much-loved artists. On the one hand, the fileteado -the most popular form of art in Buenos Aires which is so related to tango- has its boss, a memorable endearing character that shows his work and art in an atmosphere of laughter and spicy remarks.

On the other, the one and only silversmith, the heir of a long lineage of craftsmen of Cataluña and bearer of the gaucho.

As a DIY gem you are invited to a well-known local chef’s home, who will reveal the art of Argentinian Asado and might even share the secret to the perfect chimichurri sauce.

Argentina has the third largest Jewish community in America, after the United States and Canada, and the largest in Latin America - which makes them a vital part of the community. We suggest you get immersed in the Jewish heritage and culture hand in hand with someour experts, who are active members of the community.

Buenos Aires offers the possibility of living out a popular passion: football and the most aristocratic of allsports: polo, both to the highest international level. Tomás, a passionate Boca Juniors fan is our deluxe host who can accomplish the dream of watching the most popular Argentine football team Club Atletico Boca Juniors playing at home:“La Bombonera”, a legendary stadium. He makes the impossible possible and always gets the best box for our guests. And if you have the chance to be in BA when Boca faces River (“The Superclassic”, the mythical encounter) we promise an unforgettable experience.

The Polo Open is a championship that is played every year (in November) and it summons the best players. If are lucky enough to be in BA during the Cup you cannot miss it! We can get you the best stand.

We suggest spending a day in our favourite estancia at 1.30 hr car drive from Buenos Aires. It is the perfect plan for horse backriding and taste a great asado (barbecue) and other Creole delights like the traditional pastelito (crispy cakes stuffed with quince jam and fried), mate and dulce de leche.

Buenos Aires is not only the world capital of the asado/grill, it has so many talented chefs. Get to know our hot picks in gastronomy and take our advice on what to order in every restaurant.

“Loli – Hola! We’re back in Iowa now, and want to thank you for planning such a wonderful trip and a big thank you for Matilde. We truly enjoyed our time with her. She is very special and knows so much about the art scene in BA. We had a blast.”

Roberto Maddox from Iowa, US.

“The cooking class was great and this was absolutely the best meal I've ever had in my life!.”

William from US.


South Patagonia through Oriunda’s Eyes

Southern Patagonia is the wild place at the end of the world. It is the confluence of extreme landscape: glaciers paradise and untouched nature. The expression of immensity and peaceful silence.

What makes it exquisite is the combination of its overwhelming nature with the warmth and cozy hospitality of our local hosts. It is the contrast of dreamlike hotels emplaced in the middle of remote vast scenery.

Oriunda invites you to explore it!

Get thrilled, get yourself out there: trekking, walking on ice, horseback ridding, fly fishing, sailing, rafting or kayaking. And after that encounter, the reward awaits: treat yourself with a homemade trout delicacy or a nice Patagonian lamb with a glass of Malbec. And to reach the summit, enjoy the evening by the fireplace with story tales and Patagonian legends.

Do you think this is all? No way!

Patagonia is also home to terrific wildlife, here the hosts are whales, penguins, killer whales, sea elephants, sea lions that every year return to mate, breast-feed and bring up their offspring.

El Chalten is the mecca for thrill-seeker andinists and trekkers lovers.

We love Ushuaia, the uttermost part of the world, the southernmost city in the planet, the end of the world. It is the main entrance to the expedition cruises to Antarctica, the last pristine region of the world.

Standing in front the Perito Moreno, the most famous glacier, is moving and exhilarating. A truly unique experience in the world, it makes you feel like you could stay forever starring at that huge vertical wall of ice. The senses tend to pay special attention to the sound, which is really a very impressive thing since it announces the ice detachment that everyone awaits.

For those who would like to witness a sunrise and sunset in front of the other Southern Patagonian glaciers in a very intimate surrounding, the expedition Spirit of the Glaciers is a memorable experience.

Río Grande (Tierra del Fuego) is the Fishing Capital of Argentina, the most desired destination to practice this sport because you will catch not only the most wanted trouts but also the most astonishing ones for their size.

“The experience at Eolo is top on my list because every moment there you feel you are in a special environment and everyone there feels it too. I truly left my heart in Calafate. The hotel and staff were amazing. The staff are quiet and amazingly efficient. The food and wine were superb. On the activity side I enjoyed the mini-trek and the visit to Estancia Christina. The guide who took me to the mini-trek and then walked with me along the catwalks was very nice and knowledgeable. We had a wonderful conversation as we walked along the catwalk in pouring rain.
I had many wonderful experiences on this trip. I do know there is a network of guides and drivers who I am honoured to have met and spend time with. They did a wonderful job sharing their love of their country to an inquisitive Canadian.”

Traveller from Canada.


Iguazú through Oriunda’s Eyes

The waterfalls are so majestic and imposing that they were declared one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You can’t miss the more than 230 falls, you’ll surely be dazzled. It is easy to get lost and let yourself be carried away through the paths, the sound gurgling in your ears throughout the circuit. The main cliff, the famous “Devil’s Throat” feels so close you can almost touch it. It will literally take your breath away.

Don’t miss the adrenaline experience of the Great Adventure: The most thrilling and unforgettable ride on a steamboat, that takes you right under (or almost right under) San Martín cascade.

If there is a full moon, the Night Walk in Parque Nacional Iguazú is unique in the world, definitely worth doing.

Foz do Iguazú National Park is a must, especially if you want to obtain the best panoramic view of all the cascades from the Brazilian side.

Believe it or not, the asado (barbecue) is not the king here, local fish is. Order these: surubí, pompano dolphinfish and pacú.

If you have some spare time for the Missionary jungle, the Falls of Moconá in Moconá Provincial Park make up for an extraordinary site. Nevertheless, you must be lucky enough to see them as they only appear when the Uruguay River is low.

“Dear Loli, the trip was as nice as it was in large part because of you. I was really impressed. Having access to you made me worryless. You were responsive and understanding and really easy to work with. Thanks again so much. We wish you all the best and will send anyone we know going to Argentina your way.”

Michael and Ian Jack Miller, New York


Northern Argentina through Oriunda’s Eyes

The Northern Argentina has won our hearts. It will enchant you with its colours, flavours, culture and especially for the warmth and hospitality of its people. The North will capture you with its unique geography and unforgettable landscapes. To step on its earth is to give yourself away to the past and the purity of indigenous villages which seem to have stagnated in time. Here the Christian faith, the indigenous memory and a very visible colonial trace coexist.

The North challenges any palate with its exquisite Andean and mountain-like cuisine. Some of our favourite local flavours are: quinoa, llama meat, goatling, locro (a kind of stew typical from the North), humita (like corn), and tamales. The empanadas are a whole different chapter, and you have to try them all. They are without the shadow of a doubt the juiciest and tastiest of all Argentina.

We invite you to feel the authentic of this much-loved region.

Pompon, the most adorable character will drive you safe to this exciting odyssey.

We’ve selected the to-go culinary spots and social venues (folk music Peñas), the wineries you cannot miss, the hidden treasures of the mountains. Get to meet loom artisans in the warmth of their homes where they will teach you the art and craft of the most beautiful ponchos and tapestries.

If you are an adventurous soul let us take you to the clouds, a trekking experience into high mountains that you will never forget.

We highly recommend taking note of these specific dates to be part of the local celebrations that will make your journey an unforgettable experience:

In February, the Carnival is a big protagonist in the Humahuaca Ravine and a unique traditional celebration.

The Holy Week is celebrated with religious fervour in every town in the Ravine, but more so in Tumbaya and Tilcara.

In August, people pay tribute to the earth goddess Pachamama preparing local dishes and then bury the food in a backyard or field, along with abundant hard liquor and coca leaves. They believe that these offerings will satisfy the deity’s appetites and will bring them fortune and a fructiferous harvest.

In Casabindo, in the Puna, every August 15th, a very peculiar celebration takes place in tribute to their Patron Saint: the “Mamita” (as the locals call her), The Band Bullfighting (Toreo de la Vincha) the only non-bloody bullfight that - together with sikurisbands - come especially for this celebration.

“Dear Loli, thank you very much for all your kindness. Our trip to your beautiful country will always remain in our memories! We were more than pleased with the service of fered by Oriunda and most grateful for the care and attention given not only to the planning of our trip , but to us personally, by you, Gaby and Ponpon. We felt as though we were among friends.”

Patricia and Joaquim Bielert, Canada

“The Northwest of Argentina is a hidden jewel. Among colorful mountains and unexplainable rock formations, we grow the highest vineyards in the world, which result in high aromatic and intense wines. We boast two Unesco Heritage sites, the so famous Quebrada de Humahuaca: pukaras, native pipeflutes and corn based meals from even before the Inka empire, which then merged the catholic celebrations of Holy Week and the native Pachamama ceremony for the beginning of agriculture. The QapaqÑan (royal inka trail) takes us to the highest archaeological site in the world at Llullallaico Sanctury in the Puna, and the colourful winding roads along the Calchaqui Valleys with a unique syncretism of the gaucho culture and ancient indigenous traditions, men weaving in the hot dusty afternoons old patterns learnt from their ancestors. The best empanadas in the country with hot sauce and a glass of torrontes, surrounded by amazing wide landscapes: paradise on earth!.”

Gaby, Oriunda’s host in the North


The land of Malbec through Oriunda’s Eyes

We adore this destination. We love wine, we love delicious cuisine, we feel passionate when we listen to winemakers sharing their knowledge.

Mendoza represents our essence and we want to share it with you:

Fall in love with our favourite gaucho and mountain guide friend that can take you to a stunning horseback riding or trekking in height while enjoying the amazing landscape of the mountains.

Stay at amazing hotels gazing the Andes, one of the most special places on earth.

We promise a dedicated selection of singular wineries and different experiences where you will be welcome by the winemakers or winery owners in person at their wine cellars or homes. All of them are synonyms of excellence, warm hospitality, and top quality wines.

For thrill-seekers we guarantee extreme adventure: rafting, a horse-ride at 4.000 m.a.s.l. and the best mountains for skiing.

“Today was one of the most inspiring days of my life. At 4:30 am my own personal cowboy picked me up for a horseback ride up into the mountains of Mendoza with breathtaking views of the Andes. Oriunda set up the most amazing itinerary, but I had no idea that it would inspire me beyond words. I have to admit I was quite scared as it was so dark and I barely could see the ground under my horse’s feet. But the point wasn’t to look down, but instead to look up. As the moon and stars lighted up our path I couldn't help but be in complete awe of the scenery (…). I've never felt so free and so one with my surroundings. I didn't even pull out my camera until the very top to capture my sunrise. Argentina you have my heart. I will never forget this day, and I hope if Argentina is not yet on your list of places to visit that you follow alone as I show you how it's inspired me. Thank you Oriunda for this ultimate experience.”

LucieJosma - @missjetsetter

“Oriunda created a wonderful program for my wife and me for our recent trip to Buenos Aires and Mendoza. In Mendoza, we experienced a great selection of wine tastings and more adventurous activities such as horseback riding. Oriunda was very responsive to our needs before and during our trip. We anxiously await our return to Argentina, and will no doubt use Oriunda for planning new adventures in other regions of the country.”

Brian Cornwell, US

"The hotel Entre Cielos is out of this world. The suite and the view were both breathtaking. My guide for the two days in Mendoza was Alex. Quite knowledgeable about wines and a very lovely host. I loved the way the wine tour started as I spent a few hours at a small vineyard and the guide (one of the family members that worked and owned the vineyard), Laura took me out to the fields and spent a great deal of time explaining the wine making process to me from beginning to end. This foundation became very important as I went on to other wineries I was able to build on the initial knowledge imparted by Laura. Of course, the wines themselves were amazing. The wine just kept getting better and better and better. I will also share that the lunch at Susana Balboa’s was terrific. The Vines was the best, what a great way to end the trip! Our mountain guide was charming and enthusiastic. Once we were on the horses the scenery took over. The ride up the mountain with a pack of dogs, the Gaucho was serene and something out of a book. When we reached the top and watched the sun rise I was speechless."

Travellers from Canada.


Punta del Este through Oriunda’s Eyes

Geographically, our beloved Punta del Este is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is considered THE most exclusive summer destinationof South America. Christmas Eve opens the season of this chic beach haven, which addresses the most sophisticated travellers from all over the globe.

Punta del Este offers amazing resorts, secluded lodges and exuberant houses for rent.

Home to trendy designers and cutting-edge art galleries it also offers a wide range of distinguished gourmet restaurants with the most acclaimed chefs seducing visitors with their superbfood. Not far behind, there’s nightlife… vibrant nightlife.

José Ignacio, is THE place to be and the most exclusive sea spot to watch unbeatable sunsets.

“Dear Loli, thanks a lot for such an unbelievably good and special well organized trip! This was one of our best trip we ever did. We will recommend you to any other friend of us for a trip to Argentina! All the best to you!”

Caroline Schenkler and Sebastian teNeus, Germany


Torres de Paine through Oriunda’s Eyes

Torres del Paine National Park is without the shadow of a doubt one of the best hiking spots in the world. The park is situated 154 kilometres from Puerto Natales. Declared a world biosphere reserve, much well deserved because its breathtaking landscapes include mountain ranges, glaciers, fjords, crystal lakes, waterfalls, forests, the Paine Massif and the iconic Cuernos del Paine (Paine Horns).

We work with dreamlike lodges that are the best meeting point for travelers who are looking for adventure paired with comfort and indulgence in the uttermost end of the earth. Our handpicked selection of lodges provides several different expeditions led by expert guides and many activities including more than 50 different hikes, kayaking, mountain bikes, horseback riding, bird-watching, boat sailing, climbing and others. Besides, high end gastronomy and a wonderful spa.

“Thanks so much for this amazing trip to Patagonia. It was so, so awesome. I had the best rides of my life. So beautiful, the changing landscapes, weather, wildlife and dogs running along. It beats even my most beloved and memorable rides on a private estate in Zimbabwe! We did lots of trotting, cantering, climbing through streams and going through the bush down steep (ish) hills. Absolutely fantastic! I will definitely remember these rides for the rest of my life. Paine was absolutely amazing! I cannot stop taking photos (I studied architecture hence the passion). Gorgeous, gorgeous! Many thanks Loli, as always!.”

Frederique Boumeester van der Vorm, London


Atacama through Oriunda’s Eyes

Atacama is in our top five favourite destinations. If you are travelling for the first time to Chile, Atacama should not be missed, it has the most extraordinary landscapes and clearest sky on earth. It's famous for being the world’s highest-altitude desert and the world’s driest.

We love it because whether you decide to stay three or seven days it will keep your five senses on fire:

High-end accommodation alternatives surrounded by serene beauty. Here, the gastronomy is superb.

Once you’ve relished beautiful sunsets, there comes the perfect night sky for stargazing.

Witness the sunrise at Tatio Geysers (we promise you the early wakeup call is worthwhile).

Sunset in the Valley of the Moon is probably the most breath-taking sight in the world.

Treat yourself with a gourmet picnic lunch in the middle of extreme nature. And then tell us if this is not magic.

Be mesmerized by the flamingos and other native bird species that inhabit the Atacama Salt Flats, especially at dusk.

Pamper yourself at any of the seven different pools of the Puritama hot springs.

Visit the Miscanti and Miñiques blue ponds which are part of Los Flamencos Natural Reserve.

Appreciate the beautiful landscape of Aguas Calientes Salt Flat.

Spend an afternoon at San Pedro de Atacama village and get lost in the craft market.


Easter Island through Oriunda’s Eyes

Easter Island or Rapa Nui (in native language) is one of the most exotic places in the middle of the Pacific in Chile. It is also the most remote inhabited island on the planet. The indigenous and ancestral culture of this enigmatic island fascinates every traveller. The origin of the Moai statues remains a mystery. These huge monoliths are scattered along the island guarding their land of any trespasser.

There are different ways to explore the island suitable to each adventurous soul. The island counts with outstanding hospitality options and the most passionate and expert pathfinders.


Santiago through Oriunda’s Eyes

Santiago is the upcoming city in South America, which stands out for its gastronomic scene, world-class chefs, design shops and rapidly changing neighbourhoods. In recent years, this city has caught international attention for its sudden boom, making it an acclaimed destination. You will recognize eclectic features in this radiant and elegant city with an avant-garde flare.

We would like to share some of our favourite hot tips to feel the vibrancy of Santiago:

Seafood lovers must see the historical Central Market and get the freshest salmon, sea bass, octopus, clams, sea urchins and much more.

Don’t miss San Cristobal, the highest hill and city’s main landmark, especially at weekends when you can feel the local atmosphere. Take a ride in the cable car and capture the best view in town.

For romantic souls, we strongly recommend “La Chascona”, the house that Pablo Neruda built for his secret lover Matilde, who later became his wife. Located in the bright coloured, bohemian and popular Bellavista which boasts a fun nightlife.

Enjoy a relaxing stroll at Parque Bicentenario, ideally at midday. Enjoy lunch at Mestizo restaurant.

History lovers should visit: the outstanding Museum of Pre-Columbian art and the Museum of Memory and Human Rights.

Lastarria and Barrio Italia are the trendiest boroughs. The first one is a truly must see for its art galleries and museums and the second one for its design, antiques and its many cafes and restaurants.

Alonso de Córdoba is the chosen avenue by international luxury brands. Coquinaria is one of our favourite spots, grab a quick bite.

A getaway to Valparaiso (90-minute car drive from Santiago) known as the jewel of the Pacific and still nowadays Chile’s main port. Its peculiar and widely colourful architecture makes the visit worth the while.

For wine lovers, we invite you to discover Casablanca Valley and the Pacific Coast to taste the best Sauvignon Blanc. And, the Colchagua wine valley renowned for its “big red wines” such as Cabernet Cauvignon, Syrah, and Chile’s flagship Carmenere.

“We have a wonderful trip. Our last morning in Chile – L’Apostolle is amazing – We had an early morning bike ride in the vineyard and a delicious dinner last night! Santiago was great! You did a great job Loli. Many thanks.”

Cheryl London, US


North Patagonia through Oriunda’s Eyes

Bariloche is the perfect landscape with blue lakes, woods and mountains for sporty and bon vivant spirits. It is one of our top favourite destinations, it has excellent hotels, luxury & boutique, with high-end services, top class cuisine, surprising breweries and the possibility to combine a few days of adventure with relax and family life.

There are many experiences to enjoy: trekking, rafting, kayaking, sailing, mountain bike, horseback riding, golf, hiking, condor watching, climbing & abseiling. We guarantee the magic of our hosts will be insurmountable.

In winter the Catedral Hill is the star, the most famous ski centre in the country.

Argentina is one of most sought-after countries by fly-fishing lovers. And Northern Patagonia is “the” place for those who are passionate about this sport. The first week of November, the lake district dresses up for party to begin the great hunt for trouts.
 Fly fishing lovers as well as beginners are guaranteed spectacular fishing days.

“Roberto was a class act. We had a blast learning from him over our 9 hr hike! And Gaston was outstanding. A wonderful fly fishing experience!.”

Travellers from Chicago, US

“Dear Loli, the best wishes for a Happy New Year! Thanks again for all your plannings, you did a great job! I'm sure we will see Argentina a second time and of course with your helping hand.”

Stephie and Martin Schlenker, Germany